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We can pick you up anywhere within 90 minutes’ drive of San Francisco—at your home, hotel, ship's terminal, or the airport!

For Our Neighbors… Vacation! without leaving Home

The New 'Green' Federal Building, San FranciscoYou want—no, need—some time away from work, worry, your predictable routine. You promised the kids, your boyfriend, your wife some special time together—but right now you can't afford plane fare, a nice hotel and 3 restaurant meals a day. So what's a fun-loving person to do?

Plan a staycation. You won't have to deal with crowded airports or pay what some hotels are charging tese days. You, your significant other, your friends can enjoy what people cross continents and oceans to experience—at a fraction of the cost of a fly-away vacation.

Why pay someone to show you around the Bay Area when you live here?

  • Because you don't want the hassle of deciphering maps, maneuvering around traffic and wasting time searching for overpriced parking;
  • Because we'll pick you up at your home or hotel (if you're within 90 miles of downtown San Francisco);
  • Because your personal tour guide is out there everyday and so knows where the exciting new places are and how best to approach older, familiar ones;
  • Because we have world-class attractions right here ("green" wineries, spectacular coastline, eco-architecture, ancient forests, butterflies that return generations later to the same grove, dozens of picturesque small towns, antique trains, purple mountain majesty, superb restaurants)… many of which you haven't seen in a while, or ever;
  • Because you want the luxury of having an experienced local help create your itinerary;
  • Because you want to sit back and enjoy, not add to your worries.

E-Mail (info@toursanfranciscobay.com) or Call (510-619-3619) A Friend in Town, so we can help make a 2 or 3-day weekend seem like a sojourn in Tuscany, an outdoor adventure or a stimulating exploration of local history and culture.

“[Staycations] can be enormously restorative and transformative.”

“Staying at home for a vacation can be enormously restorative and transformative and fits much, much better into a lot of people's schedules and logistics.”

— Kristie McLean, Life Coach (Seattle, Washington)

More Reviews

“I couldn't believe how many places he knows about that I would never have found on my own.”

“I had been writing about San Francisco travel for over 10 years when I challenged Jesse to take me on a day tour of San Francisco, showing me things I'd never seen before.  I couldn't believe how many places he knows about that I would never have found on my own.”

– Betsy Malloy, Travel Writer for About.com (San Jose, California)

Read what our clients say about their experience with us. Since 1999, thousands have enjoyed our personalized tours. Occasionally our guests introduce us to new destinations, restaurants and attractions—some of which we've added to our repertoire. We book by appointment and are happy to show our beautiful Bay Area to a solo traveler or groups of up to 30.

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