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We can pick you up anywhere within 90 minutes’ drive of San Francisco—at your home, hotel, ship's terminal, or the airport!

San Francisco Tours

Why take our San Francisco Tour?

  • sf_tour_chinatownWe take you up close. Breathe in the incense rising before Chinatown's Goddess of Heaven. Ride down the Crookedest Street instead of just glimpsing it from a distance.
  • You get personal attention. We put tour sites into their historical context, and you go where you want to go.
  • We can go anywhere. Our comfortable minivan (with leather seats and large windows) goes places tour buses and limos aren't allowed.
  • Our tour is flexible. Have a questions? We'll take time to answer it. Want more time in the redwoods and less in the fog at the Cliff House? No problem.
  • Someone else does the driving. You see the city instead of fighting traffic, one-way streets and steep hills, searching for elusive and expensive! parking spots.
  • We offer both full- and half-day San Francisco tours. However, for those who choose a half-day (usually 4-5 hour) version, everything isn't squeezed into a smaller time frame...you select from our menu which attractions interest you most. For example, in a half-day tour that includes Muir Woods redwood forest, there's much less time for other places back in the City...but if that's what you want, that's what we do.
  • Beware of Lists!  Our competitors are fond of long lists of things you assume you'll see (and appreciate) while riding by. They're not going to stop at most of them, and if you're not on the lucky side of the bus you may not see them at all!  They create these lists because they want you to think their tour is so much better for driving by more places. Their narrative talks about "strolling" and "relaxing" when their pace actually permits neither. You start and end where it's convenient for them, gulp down their picnic/lunch, wonder if there's going to be a restroom stop soon enough. Come with us, A Friend in Town, to experience the City at your pace.

“We were the envy of our group on the cruise ship.”

“Seeing the city through your eyes, hearing its wonderful history, and seeing its absolute beauty (tv and film does NOT do it justice) makes me want to revisit again and again… I could have spent days sightseeing with you and regretted we only had one, but what a one it was. We saw more in one day than I expected and learned so much about what a historical, cosmopolitan, dynamic and diverse city San Francisco is. …We were the envy of our group on the cruise ship as they only got a small taste of what we got. They could not believe what an adventure we had had all in one day. …I feel like I "left my heart in San Francisco" when our ship sailed.”

– Claudia W. (North Port, Florida)

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San Francisco Tour Itineraries

Explore the culturally diverse, vibrant city of San Francisco and let us show you why it's still called "Everybody's Favorite City." Our "Everybody's Favorite City" tour incorporates both the city's best attractions and secret delights known only to San Francisco locals. For an itinerary that focuses on the most famous San Francisco neighborhoods, consider our San Francisco Neighborhoods Tour

We visit the sites most other San Francisco tour companies cover, but also take you where some of your favorite movies were filmed, tell you why San Francisco houses stand shoulder to shoulder, explain how the city rebuilt after our Great Earthquake and Fire, and show you great vistas seldom visited by tourists.

“Amusing anecdotes and inside stories of the city.”

“We had three generations in your van, and each and every one of us were engrossed in your amusing anecdotes and inside stories of the city. …We would definitely recommend your tour to all of our family and friends, and we know that we have "A Friend in Town" that we can call when we arrive.”

– Dan, Sondra, Alvin, Phyllis & Barry (San Antonio, Texas)

“We could not have chosen a better tour guide”

“It was our first visit to the San Francisco area and we could not have chosen a better tour guide. Jesse's encyclopaedic knowledge of the Bay area was superb and his mixture of information and anecdote was very entertaining. We walked through parks, had coffee in local cafes, ate in some wonderful scenic and colourful restaurants and Jesse's willingness to tailor the day to our wishes really made our visit a wonderful experience.”

– Ronnie McLetchie (Glasgow, Scotland)

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