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Muir Woods (Ancient Redwood Forest) Tour

muirwoodsWhat's so special about redwoods? Their majestic beauty. Their height—some individuals of this species are taller than a 36-story skyscraper. Third, their longevity—some have lived for two millenia. Find a quiet spot and experience serenity.

We offer an unhurried visit there as part of our Everybody's Favorite City tour. A quiet walk into Muir Woods can also be part of our Marin, the Beautiful tour, the pastoral world just north of San Francisco. Marin County is a gem, beloved by locals, hidden in plain sight.

Take our Redwoods, then Wine tour and start your day visiting Muir Woods, then we drive you about an hour further to premium grape-growing regions (the Napa, Sonoma or Russian River Valleys)--for lunch and an afternoon of tastings at 2-3 beautiful wineries, learning about the mysteries of viticulture while enjoying spectacular scenery. FYI Muir Woods has become so popular that parking is a major problem, causing long waits or long walks to the entrance, so going with us can be far more convenient than driving yourselves.

FYI  the only routes into Muir Woods National Monument involve about 13 minutes of riding on steep two-lane roads, both coming and going; however, over a million people visit Muir Woods annually without incident. If someone in your party finds more than a very few minutes on winding or mountainous roads disturbing, s/he should come prepared with a motion sickness aid. Otherwise, s/he may enjoy hanging out in Sausalito or Tiburon while the rest of the party visits Muir Woods. If experiencing a primeval redwood forest, without the steep, winding roads, is important to you, there is an excellent alternative: Armstrong Woods State Park...much less visited than Muir Woods and consequently even more peaceful...in Guerneville near the emerald Russian River. (Guerneville is an approximately 90-minute drive from downtown San Francisco, on relatively straight highways.)

There's a third really large stand of ancient redwoods relatively near San Francisco: Big Basin State Park in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains--about 90 minutes to the south, off a winding two-lane highway. What about those big trees you can drive through? You're probably thinking of the large redwood forests (some privately owned) 4-5 hours north of San Francisco near California's "Lost Coast," or the giant sequoias in and near Yosemite, in the Sierra Nevada mountains 4-5 hours east of The City. And you can sometimes walk, but not drive, through them.

Why Tour with Us?

    Because most other companies get you there at the most crowded time of the day and give you less than 50 minutes to actually be in the forest. And if you're thinking "we'll just rent a car and drive there ourselves," be aware that sometimes (especially on weekends) the parking lots fill up early and you may end up parking a mile away from the entrance. That won't make for a relaxed appreciation of these natural wonders. We take you right up to the entrance.

There are so many reasons why we're your best choice!

“We loved everything about it.”

“I still can't get over how you treated us. It was really like we were your long lost best friends or cousins who came to San Francisco for the day. Even though you must do this every day your enthusiasm for the wonderful city of San Francisco was with you every step of the way. We loved everything about it. The murals, the Mission and Muir Woods were our favorites. But the Districts, Legion of Honor, your history lessons and the Chinese Fortune Cookie Factory were great. You do an incredible tour: no one in town can come close to what you offer to the lucky visitor who finds out about you.”

– Lynda & Richard K. (Tustin, California)

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