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What Our Clients Say

Excerpts from over 150 Customer Feedbacks since 1999pointreyesplus005



"Perhaps the best thing about Jesse as a tour guide is that he is very unobtrusive: he invites you to explore the sites you visit on your own, yet is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Not only do you visit the site, but experience it. Jesse sets a mood with background information and personal asides that add priceless depth to the tour. As a travel professional it is exactly what I look for when choosing a tour company for our most discriminating clients. [His] personal service and flawless attention to detail is unmatched, and he will be my one-stop recommendation for tours of the Bay Area… You can truly tell that Jesse loves this city, and the amount of knowledge he has about San Francisco and the surrounding area is truly mind-boggling."

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San Francisco Tours

"Seeing the city through your eyes, hearing its wonderful history, and seeing its absolute beauty (tv and film does NOT do it justice) makes me want to revisit again and again… I could have spent days sightseeing with you and regretted we only had one, but what a one it was. We saw more in one day than I ever expected and learned so much about what a historical, cosmopolitan, dynamic and diverse city San Francsco is. …We were the envy of our group on the cruise ship as they only got a small taste of what we got. They could not believe what an adventure we had had all in one day. …I truly think after taking your tour, talking with you and seeing how much you love your city has made me fall in love with it as well and I feel like I "left my heart in San Francisco" when our ship sailed.

"It was great not to be part of a tour bus… just one of many in the herd. I have taken bus tours of San Francisco before, but this time I felt like I REALLY got to meet the City. Your knowledge of its history, architecture, restaurants and activities were amazing. I like the flexibility of being able to spend more time at the areas which interested me such as Grace cathedral and Muir woods. Being able to go into neighborhoods to see houses, into restaurants to view old photographs of the city, or into a temple in Chinatown isn't something that's usually done on a bus tour. I have already recommended your company to some friends… Thanks again for a great time."

"We had three generations in your van, and each and every one of us were engrossed in your amusing anecdotes and inside stories of the city. …We would definitely recommend your tour to all of our family and friends, and we know that we have "A Friend in Town" that we can call when we arrive."

"We felt the day was a perfect blend of walking, driving, history, and back-and-forth dialog with you… We would highly recommend "A Friend in Town" and Jesse to anyone looking to learn a lot about San Francisco and do so in a stress-free environment where you can leave your car behind and just soak in the beauty of the Bay area."

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"This tour was worth every penny. Jesse Warr gave us a thorough introduction to the city—from its 'most crooked street' to the views above the Golden Gate Bridge and Muir Woods, that was packed with great historical information about the city, its populations, its major events, and its points of pride. We especially enjoyed walking through North Beach and Chinatown, but every single sight and hour was wonderful… We would recommend this tour to anyone."

"I am so glad we did the tour because it took us many places we would never have been able to go. The kids enjoyed it too, and several times since the trip we have heard…"and Mr. Jesse said,…" or "and remember when Mr. Jesse said that…"

"I feel like I got so much more out of those two days than I would have on our own or with a big bus. We saw parts of the Bay Area I know we would have never known existed."

"Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed our day with you. We thought that was one of the best things we did while we were there in California… We enjoyed and appreciated your great knowledge of the area, your organization, and your easygoing personality. We think you have a great service and will highly recommend you to everyone."

"Everything about the tour was first class: clean and comfortable transportation, confident and safe driving, extraordinary knowledge and information of the city, a most pleasant delivery, and the willingness to tailor the tour to our needs and interests! …Thank you again from T.and myself for an absolutely outstanding day — you are truly 'a friend in town'."

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"The two days we spent with you were the highlight of our Elderhostel week in San Francisco. Thanks again!"

"[The guide] thinks of all the members in the group — whether big or small — and makes the tour interesting to every age group."

"I still can't get over how you treated us. It was really like we were your long lost best friends or cousins who came to San Francisco for the day. Even though you must do this every day your enthusiasm for the wonderful city of San Francisco was with you every step of the way. We loved everything about it. The murals, the Mission and Muir Woods were our favorites. But the Districts, Legion of Honor, your history lessons and the Chinese Fortune Cookie Factory were great. You do an incredible tour; no one in town can come close to what you offer to the lucky visitor who finds out about you."

"The only problem was the speed we had to go to get everything in… We especially enjoyed the behind the scenes Chinatown and all the wonderful information Jesse had on a variety of topics. My students and I learned a lot and had a great time. Thanks! P.S. This was far and away superior to any other tour I have taken in the bay area!"

"Hey… back to work… just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the 3 days together. I feel that I really have a flavor of the San Francisco area. Also, unlike most tours I've been on, I feel that we were treated like family… Thank you very much."

"I've been watching the History Channel lately and saw shows on the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Coast Highway—and it brought back memories of our trip with you last year. You gave us such a great tour and were soooo knowledgeable about SF and the surrounding areas — I hope we can come back soon for more of the same!"

"We had a wonderful time on your tour, have been telling anyone who will listen how great it was. We mentioned it to the concierge at the Hyatt, the taxi driver on the way to the airport and all our family and my e-mail pals. "

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Wine Country Tours

"We had family in town visiting for their first time. Neither of us had been to Napa or the vineyards, and really didn't know much about the wine making process. Our tour guide was excellent! He picked us up at our home, and during the ride up to the vineyards, provided history and other interesting facts about the region, and what we were seeing on our way. Since we were not familiar with the wineries — our tour guide chose the ones that we went to, and we were very pleased! He even picked a family vineyard that had 4 very playful dogs for my two young sons to play with and have some fun of their own! All in all, we had a wonderful time… I would recommend this tour to everyone from the novice of wine tasters to the most experienced, as our guide knew exactly where to take us!

"This is to thank you for the excellent time we had in your company visiting the wine country last Friday… We felt we got privileged treatment at every stop, which you had very well chosen. We also appreciated the pace of the tour and the flexibility to make unscheduled stops or detours… a delightful and memorable tour and wine tasting."

"Let us start by thanking you for a day of wine tasting that was everything we had hoped it would be and more! We loved the opportunity to visit the unique and interesting wineries, as well as some of the more famous ones. It was far superior to the bus tours we have taken because it was personal, intimate, and took into account our tastes and preferences. Your selection of wineries was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this informative and indulgent tour! …We would definitely recommend you to friends!"

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful introduction to your beautiful city and breathtaking Napa Valley! We still talk about different parts of the trip everyday and you are definitely in the forefront of the stories we have… If we ever get back to the city by the Bay, you will be first on our list to contact. Thanks again for such wonderful memories."

"We had a great time and don't really have any suggestions for improvement. (Although we would recommend that people surf around the net to find wineries that intrigue them prior to coming out there as to avoid spending too much time in a car—which was our strategy.) Thanks for taking good care of us."

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Monterey, Carmel & Big Sur Tours

"This was our first time in San Francisco, and we had also booked other tours in addition to you. To be honest, you were far and above the best, and we ended up wishing that we had used you more than we did. …I need to compliment you on your professionalism, courteousness, extensive knowledge,and engaging manner."

"Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful trip. Honestly the day-tour to Monterey and Carmel turned out to be the best and the most remarkable part of my California trip… The tour was just perfect! I will never forget the breathtaking scenery that you took me and C. to see that day. And thank you for explaining everything to us."

"It was our first visit to the San Francisco area and we could not have chosen a better tour guide.  Jesse's encyclopaedic knowledge of the Bay area was superb and his mixture of information and anecdote was very entertaining. We walked through parks, had coffee in local cafes, ate in some wonderful scenic and colourful restaurants and Jesse's willingness to tailor the day to our wishes really made our visit a wonderful experience."

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Hitchcock's "Vertigo" Tour

"I loved your tour—I'm a huge Hitchcock & Vertigo fan, so finally getting to see the key locations from the film and wander around them, taking photos, was wonderful! I think the most emotionally satisfying moments of the tour…were the first chance to walk on a genuine film location (at San Juan Bautista), and the iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point…It was nice to get the unexpected 'extras' of the Avenue of Tall Trees, the sanitarium-hospital, and the Portals of the Past…I enjoyed the discussions we had about Novak's acting, the colour symbolism, the changes to the original story, and how Scottie got down from the gutter."

"…I had an amazing and unforgettable time… One other thing I most enjoyed is that the tour was not just solely based on vertigo and that we also learned a lot about san fran's past, its future and other demographic factors. We all got a good tour of the place and some future helpful advice."

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